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Emma apologizes to Ethan for “drunkenly propositioning him.” Then Emma puts her foot in it by accidently admiting she’s a virgin.She tries her best to cover the moment by getting some snacks from the kitchen.Sutton find out it’s gonna cost her to get the bus home but that’s not Suttons biggest issue. She thinks Sutton is Emma and acts like the loving parent until Lexi and her mom leave the room.Then Clarice turns into a monster telling Sutton she’s an "ungrateful little bitch".Lexi lets Sutton crash at her house since Lexi and Emma are best friends. Sutton meets Lexi’s mother for the first time and Lexi’s mom puts some money in the cookie jar. Sutton clearly thinks she’s about to get a home cooked meal and looks relieved.

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Sutton gets to see Emma’s wardrobe and she’s not impressed.

Emma continues to worry that when Sutton comes back the only way she will be able to stay is if she’s of use to her twin. At dinner Thayer does well and gets invited to meet the boss. Then Emma asks Alec, “How can you tell if someone is hiding something?

Alec is helping his son out by introducing him to a venture capitalist. Mads flirts with the venture capitalist over dinner. ” Alec responds and drums his fingers giving away that he is perhaps lying.

Turns out things have been bad for Clarice since Emma left.

Clarice’s foster parent licence has been revoked for at least 18 months so now she has no money coming in.

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